This morning I woke up to tragedy. My alarm went off at 615. I picked it up to hit snooze when a message caught my eye. All I could see was “please pray” and I thought what the heck kinda chain mail is she sending me in the middle of the night?! I was awake enough to read it at that point. I clicked the link and the rest of the message read “this was my son involved in the train vs car accident. Please pray!” My heart sank as I wrote her back. I clicked on the link that was attached to see a car mangled beyond repair being towed off. I cried for her. What a tragic event. As I scrolled down to read the comments, I was blown away at lack of compassion. Out of 88 comments, 86 of them were saying what and idiot it was for trying to out run the train, people don’t pay attention to crossing arms, everyone in a hurry blah blah blah.

Wow. Why have we become a country so quick to judge? What if he was at a place in his life that he wanted to end it? What if he wasn’t trying to outrun the train? What if he didn’t survive this? Thankfully there was a witness and she states she didn’t see the lights or remember the crossing arms coming down, and honestly thought it must be the tracks behind them because none of the warnings were there. She looked up to see his car be slammed. But instead of reading THAT comment, everyone hastily wrote their sorry ass opinion of what a dumb mistake this was.

I get it. Earlier this week, I saw a truck smashed in from rear ending a car and I immediately thought they were obviously texting and driving. A split second later I looked down to adjust my air and glanced up in time to miss my own rear ending fate. God got all up in my business. Let me know real quick that a simple blink of an eye will change your fate. I decided at that moment to stop thinking the worst or assuming I know what’s what bc I definitely don’t.

Because everyone is so quick to judge anymore, we have become a society that is full of anxiety and worried to death about what someone else will think. Our entire lives are lived like we are in reality tv. And we kind of are. Heaven forbid something happens and you wind up a YouTube sensation. I am on my best behavior at all times bc I’m terrified to wind up the butt of youtubes jokes.

I used to be that person. No one wanted to share their lives with me bc they were worried I’d judge them. That was a punch in the gut when I was told that news. It was an awful feeling because I genuinely care for people. So God knocked me right off my pedestal. He showed me real quick by putting me in the exact same situations I was quick to judge. First of all, you can’t give advice on things you haven’t lived through. You don’t know what you’d really do in a situation until you’re face to face with it. Second of all, I failed miserably and didn’t follow any of my advice when faced with my own issues.

Let’s lay off the judgment button guys. Your opinion doesn’t help anyone get through their tough times if it isn’t out of true love. Thank God Rafael survived and isn’t a vegetable. It’s mind blowing to me that he is even conscious today. From what I’m hearing, he’s ok…banged up and in a lot of pain. Let’s pour out some love for him and everyone else. There’s too much negativity in the world, don’t be a contributor!

If you would like to help, please consider donating. He has a long road ahead of him and won’t be working for a while.

I love you all!

Mama H


Living happily ever after. Or are we?!

Being a divorced mom married to a divorced dad has been an adventure that is not for the faint of heart. It has taught me many things. We are just winging it really, but continuously have issues arise. I’d like to share my point of view.

Moms. Being a mom is the almost the toughest job on the planet. Being a working mom is even harder. When you add in being a single working mom, it’s nearly impossible. But we do what we have to do to get by. What I don’t understand is how moms refuse to share the responsibility. Now I am a mom with an ex husband. I would love nothing more than for him to step up. Spend time with his kids. It is very rare that I tell him no if he wants them. You see, these kids wouldn’t be here without him. I no more “own these kids” than he does. They’re not just mine. Yet most moms view the children as “mine” and going to dads is equivalent to going to spend the night with a friend. I’m begging for my ex husband to get these kids once in a while, yet begging the ex wife for more time with the other kid. It shouldn’t be this way. It should really be equal. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that it’s a fight on either side. It’s insane. Back off a little moms. Give the guy a little room to breathe so he can have a fair chance at being a dad.

Dads. Guys you need to do some thinking. Your ex wife is robbing you blind in child support. You never get to see your kids. She’s just a controlling bitch all the time. Right? Well think about this. Your ex has to house those children you created. She likely has to work to survive. She has bills to pay too and undoubtedly they pertain to YOUR children. Child support helps cover that. The food your kids eat. The roof over their head. That shouldn’t fall on her shoulders alone. It surely doesn’t cover the middle of the night vomit all over the bed. The seemingly endless doctors visits. The clothes that they constantly need because they grow so fast. It doesn’t cover lost time at work because someone got sick at school. It doesn’t cover consoling heartbroken children. And not that moms should be paid to do that, but moms are breaking their backs to raise these kids while you get every other weekend. She’s controlling because she’s trying to raise good humans that succeed in this crap world. Seeing them every other weekend hardly constitutes a say in their schedule. But you deserve a say! Have you considered doing things semi close to her way to keep the schedule on track? I know I’ve only asked my kids go to bed earlier on school nights and they get a shower. Neither of which happen. I’m the bad guy.

If we could be mature enough to set our differences aside and focus on parenting children like mature adults, our kids would go so much further in this world. We have the opportunity to teach them such great lessons in this divorced blended life, yet we don’t. They could learn patience, acceptance, how to deal with change, how to deal with chaos, love, and compromise. All are valuable lessons. But most of us are too hard headed and focused on what’s in it for ourselves to be able to move forward. I encourage you to step back and see what you could bend on to make the lives of our kids better. I’m sure you won’t regret it, and neither would they!

In love,

Mama H

But I’m scared.

Fear. Fear is a terrible feeling. Heart pounding, high anxiety mind racing body paralyzingly fear. It’s nauseating to think about. There are so many kinds of fear, so it’s inevitable you’ll feel it at one point or another in your lifetime. The strongest and bravest do. My dealings with fear have been countless. A few of my encounters may encourage you to be brave, or they’ll tell you stay still because Amber is a lunatic. Either way maybe it’ll help.

From 2005-2010, I was pretty happy in my career. I was scheduling and getting insurance approvals for plastic surgeons. I felt part of something big and important. I was helping to change lives. At the time, my hairdresser kept encouraging me to join her in the hair industry. I thought she was crazy. After all, I had a real job. At the end of 2010, I did not like the person I became. My job was literally draining every ounce of me and being a mom when I got home was the last thing I wanted to do. My aunt and husband pushed and pushed for me to jump ship. I’d never not held a job since I was 15. How could I become completely dependent on my husband?! But I jumped. January 2011, I started cosmetology school. It was the best decision I’d ever made in my life. But SCARY. A whole new level of scary. I was leaving a steady job to start a new career that was full of uncertainties.

I finished hair school and knew I had chosen the right field for me. Or maybe it chose me? Either way, I was determined to make it work. I worked a second job while building my clientele. I found myself becoming too busy at the shop to hold them both, so one had to go. I chose the call center of course. Another paralyzingly fear. I was going to be strictly self employed. There was no guarantees I’d survive. I prayed hard. God, if I jump please let me at least cover my booth rent. Don’t let me fail my best friend and miss booth rent. He provided just as he promised and my fear was for nothing.

Three years ago, I asked my husband to leave. I had no idea how I’d make it, but I knew I couldn’t stay together. He said no. My fear let me cave to him. Fear of not being able to support myself and three children. Fear of raising them alone. Fear. So I let him fill me full of promises to be better. Five short months later we were right back to being the old crappy married couple. Fear would not rule. He left as I stood my ground.

Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant. Fear. I’d just gotten strong enough to attempt raising three. I couldn’t be paralyzed with this. There was nothing to do but move forward. And I did. We all did. We became a big family. Fear struck again and again as my life continuously flipped upside down at every corner. I married his father despite my fears of being miserable in marriage. I supported this entire family on just my income despite my fear of falling on my face as a hairdresser. Most weeks, I’m the primary breadwinner.

Here’s what I’ve learned about facing your fears…God pushes you to move outside of your comfort zone because a) He has something much greater for you in store, and b) He is confirming your trust in Him. If God is pushing you to move and you’re staying still, you’re not fully trusting in His plan for you. For me, the scarier the situation seems, the more blessed I am when I actually face my fears. Also, I’ve been able to see exactly how strong I am. I didn’t need anyone to get me through. I was relying on the crutch of a dead end job to pay my bills because it was a sure thing. I was relying on a dead end husband to support us because I didn’t have faith in myself or God.

God has never let me fall flat on my face. Even when my ex husband and I lost everything. If you are facing a hard decision and have faith, I encourage you to rest on Him. Lay it at His feet and ask Him to be your light in the darkness. You won’t regret it. My life has completely turned around and I’m in a place I never ever imagined I’d be.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I am with you.

In love,

Mama H

Reaction changing, mind growing.

I am a person who FREAKS OUT. Like downward spiraling end of the world my life is over kind of freaking out. I'm finding this is pretty common in my group of friends. Fortunately, my husband knows when I'm panicking and he starts hovering and consoling like one of those thunder shirts for dogs. It's nice. Ha! Anyway, I'm trying to take my husbands advice. There are also a lot of great tools and tips on Pinterest for calming yourself down from a panic attack.

Yesterday I sat in my car bawling my eyes out. Too many people came at me wanting money, I'm overwhelmed about this class I'm taking, we always seem to have baby mama drama, and my babysitters fell through for tonight. So I sat and cried because what the hell else is there to do when the world is crashing down on you?! What's funny is, just last week I told my husband I'm proud of us and starting to feel secure about where we are in life. Then bam. Everything is doomed and we will never make it. (In my head anyway). So how do you see the light?! Once I finally pulled myself up out of the car I was able to think clearly. A) I can only give what I can give. B) this class is not even something to get worked up over. C) it's ok for someone to not like me…even if it's a baby mama. I know I'm doing all the right things and I can sleep easy at night knowing that I'm doing what is best for my family. D) the sitter thing was worked out in no time. So in hindsight, my meltdown helped the situation in no way at all. Had I just sat and thought rationally I could've worked it all out right then and a meltdown would've been avoided completely.

Changing your reaction to things is really something you have to practice and work at. It's probably something that is never truly perfected. We have a fight or flight sense naturally coursing through us. It's activated during turmoil. Mines more of a fight or breakdown into an emotional puddle of dramatic despair, but hey we all have our thing. The point is, when someone is in an accident we act first. Call 911, make sure everyone is ok, deal with what you're able to deal with and wait for help. You owe yourself the same courtesy. When things are hard, look around you. What's real? What's exaggerated in your head? What can you actually fix? What is completely out of your control? If it's out of your control, is freaking out going to help the situation?

Changing your thinking gives you power. It's definitely work, but worth it. I hope you all have a blessed day. ❤️

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Mama H

Learning, listening, growing…

Back from 2007-2013ish I ate a lot of fast food. Lunch and dinner. If I was running on time (that was rare) I'd also grab breakfast. I was on the go CONSTANTLY and fast food was just quicker. I was so sluggish. My tongue was blistered and raw from the sodium. At the time I assumed I had mouth cancer bc I also smoked. And boy was I down on myself. I couldn't look myself in the eye when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I referred to myself as fat ass, disgusting, a whale. I was really taking great care of myself right?

When I finally had enough of being miserable, I knew to kick the weight I had to drop the fast food. What I didn't know was that I was addicted to it at that point. I loved the feeling of being so full I could pass out. I felt like I needed to feel that way to actually be done eating. I was also part of the "clean plate club". My plate had to be empty before leaving the table. I found it impossible to get up from the table if I left anything behind. It was a mental thing. Like locking the door 10 times kind of deal. When I began my journey, I realized just how many habits I picked up as a child and how they got me to where I was. What was even more alarming, was the fact I was putting those same habits onto my kids.

What I learned was these were all HABITS. I had to retrain my brain. It was ok to leave food behind. You don't have to be so full that you can't breathe to not be hungry anymore. So how do you retrain your brain? Well I soaked up as much knowledge as I could. I learned about low carb, no carb, calories, sugars. The list was endless. There are so many books out there and it was overwhelming to say the least. I tried a few of them here and there and failed miserably every time. I found myself feeling deprived, hungry, and very cranky. So I started with little things first. My first habit was to change my route to work. If it wasn't easy to swing into McDonald's for a biscuit, then I wouldn't. I packed my lunches. I changed my grocery shopping technique. I wrote lists and menus. I worked at it.

The hardest habit for me to break was the needing to feel full. I still struggle with it once in a while. One tip I picked up from the dietician recently, was to eat slow and as soon as you don't feel hungry anymore, stop eating. She said hunger is a growling stomach and empty feeling. So as soon as that goes away, get up from the table. That's helped tremendously! Also, use small plates. Trick your mind into thinking you're getting a huge plate of food, but you're actually getting in the proper serving size. Eating at restaurants has trained our brains to think we need more food. In reality, you don't need more than a happy meal size portion. Make a rule that if you're still hungry when your plate is empty, you're only allowed seconds of veggies. But remember it's ok not to clean your plate if you don't feel hunger anymore.

Start to read labels and understand what you're putting into your body. If food is ready to eat after a quick microwave, it's likely so full of sodium that it could fill up a fish tank. Sodium retains water which makes you weigh more. Not to mention it's horrible for the heart. For food to sit on a shelf or in a freezer, it has to be preserved some how. Otherwise it'd rot. To do that, you need sodium and/or sugar. So you think you're doing right by eating a nasty ol lean cuisine, but it has a ton of sodium. Counteracts your efforts. I didn't understand this for a long time. I was eating the heck out of lean cuisine and really frustrated bc nothing was happening.

Journal. Journal your heart out. Write your foods down on one side and the opposite side, write about your day. For the first week, don't change your eating habits but write down every single thing you put in your mouth and the calorie content. This will give you an idea of what you're doing as well as start you in the habit of writing. When you write about your day, pay attention to the feelings you experienced and what you were eating in the ups and downs of the day. You may find that food and feelings link together and you will need to learn to break that habit as well. Writing helps you actually see what's happening. Not to mention, it's reallllly hard to write that you ate a 400 calorie Reese cup. That's admitting to yourself that you are in the wrong. No one likes to be wrong. By that I mean we often say "I'm doing everything I can to lose weight and it just won't happen". Then bam, there's the 400 calorie Reese cup every day and you're not actually doing all you can.

Stop being on a diet. When you say "no thanks I'm on a diet" to someone, their response is usually a sad "oh" like poor you. It's not that they're a jerk, but being on a diet sucks and people feel sorry for you. Which in turn triggers the feeling of depravation. Which can set you back. Far. So you need to convince you're brain you're living a healthy lifestyle. Be excited about it. "Oh, no thanks for the cookies" is plenty enough of a response. No need to explain anything else. And if you do feel the need to explain yourself, try "Oh no thank you. I'm in a healthy eating competition and I'm so close to winning this week!" Turns the whole thing around!

Be kind to yourself. You simply cannot be ugly to yourself all day and expect your body to perform well in return. Weigh ONE time at the beginning of your journey to get a baseline. Then get rid of your scale completely. Weighing multiple times a day or week is detrimental to your success. It was for me. If I weighed in and lost weight I'd relax and not be so focused. If I didn't lose weight or worse, gained, I'd binge out of control in a frenzy of self loathing and pity. Ditch the scale. You're not on a diet anyway and you're focusing on getting healthy. Focusing on weight changes the whole thing. Instead take pictures. Lots of them. Compare them because you will see more change there than anywhere. Also watch your clothes. They'll start getting loose before you know it.

Exercise. Do something simple just to get moving. Start off with promising yourself a 20 min walk each evening just to clear your head and have some downtime. You will find that it helps relieve depression, makes you feel accomplished, makes making healthy choices easier. You're working and you don't want to ruin it by eating crap food. Before you know it, you'll crave more than 20 mins. Exercise doesn't have to be horrible. You shouldn't dread it. I loathe the treadmill. It makes me sick to think about getting on it. But I do love dancing! So I found a YouTube channel that's like Zumba. I dance in my living room for free. I also like to walk the kids and dog. It tires them out and gives me more quiet time! So make time for yourself bc it benefits you tremendously.

Don't deprive yourself. Eating a Reese cup is not the end of the world. I don't know if I made it obvious or not, but I LOVE Reese cups. Especially the big cups. Damn they're good. So every once in a while I indulge. And I don't allow myself to feel guilty. Obviously I can't eat them every day (though I definitely could), but food isn't an enemy. That's giving it too much power. Consume the thing you love once a week. But make sure you're doing all the right stuff along with it. Definitely don't feel guilty about it!

Get in your water. I love Diet Coke. Not bc I think it'll make me thin, but I love the flavor. So if I'm going to have a Diet Coke, I don't allow myself to drink it until I've had all my water for the day. Many things happen when you drink your water. Your skin, hair, and nails all look better. You eventually learn the difference between thirst and hunger. You will find that you don't crave the bad stuff as often! It's just good for you. And you want to be good to yourself, right?

Surround yourself with people that are goal oriented and supportive. Ditch the negativity. Follow inspiring and uplifting people/groups on Facebook. When your inner circle changes, you'll be amazed at how successful you can become in all things. Your mind starts to think differently and you start behaving differently. You stop accepting anything that makes you feel less than.

Recently a good friend of mine asked me if weight loss was really this mental. It absolutely is. Every single tip I posted was about tricking your brain and creating new habits. Otherwise it'd be easy and everyone would be healthy! I'm still learning and growing from this journey. I'm 4 years into it and it's still hard some days. Mainly bc I'm insanely stubborn. (Don't tell my husband I actually admit to this). I've found that doing this the slow was has been best for me. Learning about my thoughts and feelings rather than hide from them, have helped me create long term habits. Think of this new journey as a long Sunday drive. No finish line, just striving for health and happiness.

3 John 1:2
Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all my go well with you, even a your soul is getting along well.

In love,
Mama H


Six years ago today I’m sure was a typical day. I was pregnant with Sam, and raising two girls. It was just a speck in time that has slipped my mind. Five years ago today is undoubtedly the worst day of my entire life. How does one day go from being just another date on a calendar to marking your soul for eternity? 

Sometimes I think I remember every single detail perfectly. My aunt and baby cousin were staying with me during a particularly hard time in their lives. We had dinner, likely drank a beer and put the kids to bed the night before. We went to bed thinking July 24th would be another day on the calendar. I remember around 1:24 am my aunt coming in my room to show me an extremely long text. The only words I remember from that message are “I will not live divorced, I will make you a widow instead.”  Immediately my mind spun back to earlier in the day when he brought me the baby. He said goodbye like it was the last time I’d ever see him. I leaped out of bed and called 911. I remember throwing on clothes and flying out the door. The drive across town was a long one. I stayed on the line with dispatch and ended up passing the ambulance coming in the opposite direction. I was flooded with relief because they must’ve gotten there before we did and realized it wasn’t an emergency. We pulled in the drive way and Greenville County was on the scene. They wouldn’t go inside until we got there. They searched the house and found it empty. I was so sick, but sure it was a false alarm. I wasn’t worried a bit. I was mentally planning out the next steps….therapy, medication, watching him closely.  EMS arrived. They’d gone up the road and waited to hear back from the police. They carried their stretcher to the back yard where the garage was located and returned shortly after with the same stretcher empty. What in the world is going on? Finally she (the paramedic) made eye contact and everything collapsed. They were calling the coroner.  The rest of the day was a blur. A lot of screaming. Crying. Feeling like the world was ending. In that moment, it would’ve been nice for the world to end.  

Each year, I’ve dealt with this tragic loss in a new way. Year one, I was sick with guilt. I couldn’t shake the fact that I knew something was going to happen. He said goodbye and it was so final. I went through the things he’d left with the baby that last day and couldn’t find a clue. I was in the middle of painting and moving, so I was easily distracted. Turns out, the picture frame I was holding and about to take apart held the note. My mom and aunt had returned home and a baby was crying, so I set the major clue down and got distracted. I held on to that guilt for so long. One night I found myself in a puddle of tears and beating myself up over it when the voice of God rang loudly in my ears. “This is NOT your fault. I have my hands in this and you have to let it go.” And it literally felt like I was laying in His arms while I sobbed. It was the most surreal feeling in the world. But it was very real. Year two I pretended the day didn’t exist and stayed busy. Year three, I cried all day long. The tears wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t angry or guilty tears anymore. It was sadness that he gave up and felt that was the only way to overcome it. Year 4, spent at the lake with my new family. Thinking of how much I wished he’d gotten to meet them all. 

Now we are here in year 5. The pain is more tolerable.  I’m excited to see my sister and have a shot of wild turkey and a Bud Light in his memory.  I cried today, but they were happy tears. I was overwhelmed by the love and support of my amazing husband. He came home and just held me, reassuring me that this day he will always be there to make it easier to get through.  

I’ve read about the stages of grief, and now I’ve lived them. My best advice if you’re grieving someone, take the time you need. In the beginning, my ex husband just picked himself up and moved on. I couldn’t. I tried. I didn’t want to feel like it was my fault. I didn’t want to feel like I was coming apart from the inside out. We had so many fights with him yelling “you need to get over it already”. There’s no time limit on grief. You have to experience all of it to be able to move on. 

Once you get through the grieving process, you find a new normal. First holidays are tough. Everything changes. Then you settle into your new routine.  The sadness never goes away. You’ll always wish that loved one was around for one more second to see one more thing. But for me, the sadness has changed.  I’m sad he can’t meet my amazing baby boy and his amazing father. I’m sad that when I talk about him, my kids don’t remember who he is. 

Today I’ve been reflecting on how much this death has changed me. It made me stronger. It helped me to appreciate life so much more. It’s helped me understand depression on a different level. It’s helped me learn to be empathetic and less judgmental. It’s taught me to love with my whole heart. It taught me it’s ok to change your life if you’re miserable. You only get one. Most importantly, it brought me closer to God.  I’ve never had a more spiritual experience than the day I came undone. I know He’s real and here and watching me. 

If you’re struggling with loss and grief, I encourage you to cry and go through the motions. But then pick yourself up and carry on. Find the good in the loss. Don’t get caught up in the guilt of it. Know that God is here and He has you. 

Revelation 21:4

4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Psalm 34:18

18 The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. 
In love,

Mama H

Me me me!

It seems as though I write about these things often, but so many of my friends are struggling. As a wife, mom, daughter and sister I find it hard to take care of me. Why do we do that? Why do we give so much of ourselves that there's nothing left but a bubbling mess at the end of the day. We go to work and give. Come home and give. Church. Friends. Family. We give give give until we are mentally, physically, and emotionally spent.

Unfortunately, it's become such a habit I think most of us are just waiting to not be needed anymore. Waiting for the kids to move out. Waiting to retire. Waiting. Once everyone lays off of us we can take care of ourselves then. But what happens if tragedy strikes??? We aren't promised tomorrow or even an hour from now. If you dropped dead right this second, would you be happy with the life you left behind? There was a time that I definitely wouldn't have been happy with the legacy I left behind.

How do we break the cycle? I started by giving myself 30 mins a day to go for a walk. I took my dog, my music, and my sneakers right out the door. I didn't answer texts, emails or phone calls in that time. It was just me and my boy hitting the pavement. A few times I tried taking the kids (they were much smaller at the time) and it didn't work out. They needed too much of me during my me time. So I told my husband he'd have to handle them while I clear my head. Before I knew it, I was jogging. I'd never jogged in my life. It was the most gratifying feeling in the world!

Eventually I demanded an hour a day. I ran for 30, weights for 15, and Bible study for 15. An hour out of 24 is really not too much to ask. It was a task to train them all, but they learned to leave me be eventually. I started to lose weight and find myself. So then I felt good about me again. For the first time in my life I knew who I was and what I wanted. I began to splurge on me. Manicures. New shoes. New clothes. I was worth it. I deserved it.

I personally enjoy working out, so that is my me time. There are so many other things you can do to start to find you again. Need some ideas? Go to dinner with your best girlfriends. Hit the library and read a book in the silence…Barnes and Noble is good too! You should be reading three books at all times, one to make you smarter, one to make you grow, and one for entertainment. Look up the local parks and explore them. Go antique shopping. Buy a coloring book and crayons. Take the afternoon to spend in bed with your husband. (My personal favorite😍). Plan an overnight get away. Hit the mountains.

Whatever you choose, leave the kids behind and the cell phone in the car. And do it as often as you can. Don't feel guilty about taking care of you. We are letting the people in our lives suck the life right out of us. It's not worth it. We are too stressed and too busy anymore and life is passing us by! Taking care of yourself in that way makes you a better worker, wife, and mom. It clears your head. Brings you back to life.

I know I let myself go when Brett started school. I lost my me time trying to juggle everyone. It lead to a breakdown and my family sitting here wondering what the heck happened. I've made the changes to get back to that and I hope you do too if you're in that place.

Learn to say NO. And please call me for girls night if you schedule it!

In love,
Mama H