Highlights in the midst of lowlights.

Been a minute since I’ve shared my thoughts and I think sometimes I’m just waiting for the perfect story to write. I’ve noticed lately that many of my friends are suffering from anxiety and depression due to social media. So many people are taking breaks from being connected so they can regroup. And quite frankly, I’m envious. My entire business is run on social media so taking a hiatus is not really feasible.

I’ve been considering sharing my lowlights because I feel like it could truly help someone, but last time I did it backfired. Big time. I lost a client because she mistook my lowlights as me needing a handout. So here is my disclaimer…WE NEED NOTHING (unless you wanna get in my chair). Please don’t read this and donate to us. We are always ok!!

Looking at my highlights from an outsiders point of view may seem like we are loaded and living the high life. We have a great house, nice cars, adorable children and a couple million dollar dogs. Ok one million dollar dog, one pound puppy…but she’s needy. We manage our money well, we go on vacations, we shop, we date. The list is endless. And don’t mistake my words…sometimes we are able to splurge. We have a great life.

But sometimes my highlight reel is deceiving. You see I struggle some weeks. Most weeks we live paycheck to paycheck. School and football has maxed out my credit cards that we’ve worked so hard to pay down. Some weeks, I only have a handful of clients that literally only pay daycare and booth rent. Some weeks we eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly…My kids have eaten sandwiches every day this week. Some weeks I’m so stressed about bills that I’m sick to my stomach and so anxious I can’t breathe. I cry a lot during those weeks. I’ve pushed out treatment for medical issues because paying the deductible doesn’t seem possible. I need to replace my sons car because I trusted a friend to do me right. I wean myself off of medicines so I can skip paying the copay. I scream and yell at my family when I feel like everything is out of control. I beat myself up and feel like I’m losing the game of life. I struggle just like everyone else does. I am human.

The point of my rambling is this…every single person on this planet is going to struggle. I don’t know of many people that would share with the world that they are struggling. I know when people reached out to me about their bill boards, many didn’t like the idea of displaying it because someone may see. Couples on Facebook look to have the perfect life but I assure you they’ve fought about money and/or children at least once in their marriage. We hide behind a screen because we want so desperately to “fit in” with those that are making it in life. We don’t want to be the “loser from high school that failed.” But they’re not always living the best life either and they damn sure won’t have the guts to tell you in a Facebook post.

At the end of the day, life is hard. We struggle greatly, but God always pulls us through. Brett carries me over the finish line more often than not because I’m just too weak to run the race. We are an excellent team. I am grateful beyond measure to be able to work my dream job even when sometimes I’m more of a struggling artist. Sometimes you just need to be thankful for peanut butter and jelly because He always provides exactly what you need. Don’t let comparison steal your joy…the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…water your own grass! Take care of you and become so in love with your own life that others highlight reels don’t even phase you. Enjoy the moment, because these days go so fast.

Much love always,

Mama H


Author: helmbrecht8

I'm just a girl. A girl that's done marriage, divorce, new marriage, family blending, new babies, weight loss, weight gain, business building, moving forward, and living life. My hope is to show some love and inspiration for others to keep on keeping on.

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