Living lonely in a social media run world.

Today was different than others. I called my mom to take the boat out. We loaded up the kids and lunch and hit the water. I threw my phone in the bottom of the bag. Not a single photo was taken. Not a single selfie. Not a single post was made. I spent the day off the grid. And that’s abnormal for me. I threw on my bikini, messy bun, no makeup. It was so freeing.

I recently talked to a client about social media and how it’s become such a distraction. We are so caught up in sharing our lives, we forget to live our lives. We are living in an age where communication can happen at a simple tap of the finger. It’s so quick. Yet we are the loneliest and most depressed of all time.

How is it that we are so lonely when we are so easily connected? We’ve replaced human contact with scrolling a page. I’m so guilty of allowing someone’s fb post to be an acceptable form of keeping in touch. I’ve lost touch with so many friends because I don’t pick up the phone or schedule the outing. If we are allowing this with our friends, are we disconnecting our immediate family? Likely yes. Divorce is on the rise. More lonely. More depression.

I took my daughters phone away for a week. She was so withdrawn and quiet and just not part of life. In that week, I noticed a much happier child. I noticed a child that played with her siblings. A child that was eager to help. A child that was 10x happier than the week before.

So I challenge you. I challenge you to make at least one genuine phone call this week. Next week, make a call AND set a timer to turn your phone off. And keep snowballing it until you’re off the grid a little more each week. I can almost guarantee you’ll see a decrease in anxiety and depression.

So many of you keep in touch with me for your appointments through my phone. And I’m totally ok with that. Please understand that I’m disconnecting for evenings and weekends. Give me 24hours to get back to you so I can continue to dejunk my brain and enjoy this oh so short life.

I love you guys!

Mama H ❤️


Author: helmbrecht8

I'm just a girl. A girl that's done marriage, divorce, new marriage, family blending, new babies, weight loss, weight gain, business building, moving forward, and living life. My hope is to show some love and inspiration for others to keep on keeping on.

2 thoughts on “Living lonely in a social media run world.”

  1. Amber you’ve hit the mark on this one. I excuse myself because live so far from my friends/family…but i am so guarded when I post on fb…there are times I feel like I’m not honest…about stresses, depression, loneliness. I do feel more connected to people, old friends, and family…hust peeking into their lufe from a distance.
    I get so upset about Marty’s son not calling his dad only texting…about getting money. I think an actual phone call; one can here the tone, the emotion, the connection.
    I’m blessed that I am able to schedule an early Saturday phone call with my mom weekly. Of course, we call in between for little things but on Saturday mornings we share life.
    Im rambling, but i wanted to say thanks for sharing your life.


    1. That’s great you have a day set aside. I post and share everything and expect that to be enough. It’s really not. There’s something about the voice that changes everything.

      Thanks for following my crazy journey ❤️


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