Home Sweet Home 🏠

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve had writers block. Or maybe I was holding out for this story. Who knows. Either way, I’d like to share with you our long painful journey to home. It is my hope that someone reads this and is able to persevere and stay strong because it isn’t an easy road.

Two years ago, we were ready to leave my parents and fly out on our own. Brett’s court battle was semi won…enough so that we could at least live off of it anyway. I reached out to a lender that was recommended by a friend in hopes we could just buy something. I knew in my heart it wasn’t the right time, but reached out anyway. She basically laughed in our face. His credit score was ridiculously low and a loan was no where in our near future. So we found Brookside.

Brookside wasn’t horrible, but it certainly wasn’t a place I wanted to be long term. The kids ran the neighborhood all day long. They also acted like they had zero sense whatsoever. Property was destroyed, kids were bullied, and lawd the words my children learned from them. I am no saint when it comes to curse words, but never did I imagine a six year old had a better vocabulary than me! We were in the neighborhood that was labeled “trouble” and I didn’t like it. But we made the best of it. We loved on those kids to the best of our ability. We played soccer as a family and always ended up with 10 or more extras. We had bonfires with them. A boy about 15 or so couldn’t believe we (the parents) sat outside with the kids together. He said to Cody “my dad would never spend time with me like this”. Heartbreaking!

After a year, it was time to renew our lease. We tried again for a loan since we’d spent the year racking up the credit card then paying it off. His score was in the 500s now! We reached out to at least three more lenders. One said our score wasn’t high enough. Another said our score and his job wasn’t good enough. MAU was considered a temp agency and they wouldn’t loan for that. Another offered a loan to just my name but for only 80k and couldn’t be a mobile home. Defeated yet again. We did get a few tips from one of the lenders and got to work cleaning up more of his report. August came and I saw an ad for a lender that allowed for lower rates. I decided to reach out and just try. He had a system that would tell us exactly what we needed to do to get to the 580 range. We did the things, got his score up, but they still weren’t budging. It was so frustrating. I reached out to yet another lender. His advice: call national credit care and they’ll be able to get some of this stuff off for you.

We started with the company to clean up our reports. We got a lot of stuff removed and his score shot up rather quickly. I called one of the lenders that help us get to 580 and he got to work. But it seemed to be so painfully slow, like we were basically begging for a loan. We’d get the requested documents and they’d ask for more. They still weren’t giving a preapproval. Every Friday they’d give us a “we will know something by Monday” response. Those weekends were LONG! In the meantime, I got a letter stating we were preapproved with Quicken. That should be easy right?! No…I called. They convinced me to let me run my credit. And the answer is……no. I cried.

Eventually I convinced my husband that we could do a mobile home through Clayton because their rules were less strict. We went there, picked out a home and filled out the app. Seven lenders. All said no. They referred us to a guy that could lend to us if we paid 5% down and 18% interest. We actually considered it! Well I did. I wanted a home already!!! Thankfully that guy never bothered to call me back because that would’ve been a horrible trap to get into.

One day I got a friend request from Victor Rogers. We had some mutual friends and so I accepted noting he was a realtor. I continued working with the lender that kept putting us on hold as he was the only one answering my calls. One Friday I got a message from Victor that basically stated “I’m a realtor if you ever are in the market to buy or sell”. I was sitting in the school line (I know bad Mama) and text him back…”hey I’m in the market and waiting on my preapproval, I should hear by Monday and then I’ll give you a shout. Especially if you promise to call me back!” (For some reason NO ONE CALLS BACK in this business.)

Victor urged me to call his guy. I was reluctant because they all wanted to run your report even if you could tell them verbatim what was on it, then tell you no. Our reports were probably run at least 20 times. He was persistent though and seemed to be genuinely concerned with my story. So I figured what the hell, and called Shawn anyway. I told Shawn our story and he basically said yeah yeah yeah let me run it. I really expected another run around. Within an hour he had us preapproved for well over what anyone else could even guesstimate giving us. I was shocked!!! That evening I was scrolling realtor and our house was just reduced to our price range! It was the home I’d always dreamed I’d live in. As a young girl, I imagined THIS house. We made an offer and they accepted. Closing date was set!

Little did I know, I’d still be running around chasing a golden hair off a leprechauns butt. Seriously it was that silly the stuff I was having to find. Closing didn’t happen by the date we set, but it did happen within a few days of it. Our dreams came true.

The thing is, God promised us a house. Even in the very beginning He promised. I knew there was a reason for His plan. I knew all the numerous times I applied for loans, He wasn’t going to allow it. I knew it had to be in HIS time. While I trusted Him and knew he’d be faithful, the imperfect human in me pushed and begged and whined and cried anyway. I was like a two year old crying to her daddy. At closing He told me THIS was worth waiting for. God lead us to this home for a great purpose. We are so thrilled to see what unfolds here. And we appreciate this home so much more because it was worth fighting for. We fought for and earned every single inch of this house.

Having faith and believing in God doesn’t mean we will never suffer. He isn’t a genie in a bottle. He’s a daddy providing for His children. Sometimes daddy’s have to let you stumble and fall, but the good ones are always there to comfort you during the storm. That’s exactly how God operates. He has held this family through many storms in the last 3 years, but we always feel His love surrounding us.

I hope if you’re in waiting, you cling to your Father in prayer. He has a great plan for you!!

Love always,

Mama H


Author: helmbrecht8

I'm just a girl. A girl that's done marriage, divorce, new marriage, family blending, new babies, weight loss, weight gain, business building, moving forward, and living life. My hope is to show some love and inspiration for others to keep on keeping on.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home 🏠”

  1. I am so happy for you, God is in charge. Its HIS timing.we are waiting currently as Marty is out is of
    work at age 57, it’s not so simple. My car has been totalled, so down to one car; it’s not so simple. High medical deductibles and multiple health issues for me. Has certainly increased my stress and depression level causing increased health issues. We’re trying to pay our house payment and keep a float in this storm. There are moments I just want to stay under my blankets and just shut down. But I do hold onto that God is in charge. It’s His timing and we wil pull through only by clutching onto Him and rejoice in this incredible ride.
    Holding on.
    Thanks for sharing your struggles and joys..you ARE an inspiration.

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