This morning I woke up to tragedy. My alarm went off at 615. I picked it up to hit snooze when a message caught my eye. All I could see was “please pray” and I thought what the heck kinda chain mail is she sending me in the middle of the night?! I was awake enough to read it at that point. I clicked the link and the rest of the message read “this was my son involved in the train vs car accident. Please pray!” My heart sank as I wrote her back. I clicked on the link that was attached to see a car mangled beyond repair being towed off. I cried for her. What a tragic event. As I scrolled down to read the comments, I was blown away at lack of compassion. Out of 88 comments, 86 of them were saying what and idiot it was for trying to out run the train, people don’t pay attention to crossing arms, everyone in a hurry blah blah blah.

Wow. Why have we become a country so quick to judge? What if he was at a place in his life that he wanted to end it? What if he wasn’t trying to outrun the train? What if he didn’t survive this? Thankfully there was a witness and she states she didn’t see the lights or remember the crossing arms coming down, and honestly thought it must be the tracks behind them because none of the warnings were there. She looked up to see his car be slammed. But instead of reading THAT comment, everyone hastily wrote their sorry ass opinion of what a dumb mistake this was.

I get it. Earlier this week, I saw a truck smashed in from rear ending a car and I immediately thought they were obviously texting and driving. A split second later I looked down to adjust my air and glanced up in time to miss my own rear ending fate. God got all up in my business. Let me know real quick that a simple blink of an eye will change your fate. I decided at that moment to stop thinking the worst or assuming I know what’s what bc I definitely don’t.

Because everyone is so quick to judge anymore, we have become a society that is full of anxiety and worried to death about what someone else will think. Our entire lives are lived like we are in reality tv. And we kind of are. Heaven forbid something happens and you wind up a YouTube sensation. I am on my best behavior at all times bc I’m terrified to wind up the butt of youtubes jokes.

I used to be that person. No one wanted to share their lives with me bc they were worried I’d judge them. That was a punch in the gut when I was told that news. It was an awful feeling because I genuinely care for people. So God knocked me right off my pedestal. He showed me real quick by putting me in the exact same situations I was quick to judge. First of all, you can’t give advice on things you haven’t lived through. You don’t know what you’d really do in a situation until you’re face to face with it. Second of all, I failed miserably and didn’t follow any of my advice when faced with my own issues.

Let’s lay off the judgment button guys. Your opinion doesn’t help anyone get through their tough times if it isn’t out of true love. Thank God Rafael survived and isn’t a vegetable. It’s mind blowing to me that he is even conscious today. From what I’m hearing, he’s ok…banged up and in a lot of pain. Let’s pour out some love for him and everyone else. There’s too much negativity in the world, don’t be a contributor!

If you would like to help, please consider donating. He has a long road ahead of him and won’t be working for a while.

I love you all!

Mama H


Author: helmbrecht8

I'm just a girl. A girl that's done marriage, divorce, new marriage, family blending, new babies, weight loss, weight gain, business building, moving forward, and living life. My hope is to show some love and inspiration for others to keep on keeping on.

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